The most frequent theater (from abroad) is the State Youth Russian Drama Theater "From the Rose of the Street" (Chisinau, Moldova), (7 plays),
The largest number of theaters in one city is 46 (Kyiv)
The most distant participating cities are Braga, Portugal - 4282 km, Murmansk, Russia - 3161 km, Tyumen, Russia - 3061 km.
The most frequent theater is Mykolayiv Ukrainian Academic Drama Theater and Musical Comedy (21 plays)
The largest number of performances per festival - 64 (2018)
The most widespread author is Nikolai Gogol (15 plays), Anton Chekhov (13 plays), William Shakespeare (10 plays).
The most popular performance is "Marriage" by M. Gogol (4 times), "Two bears" by M. Staritsky (3 times), "Forest song" by L. Ukrainka (5 times).