This year the festival took place from May 17 to May 26

 Two cities took part in the event: Kherson and Mykolayiv.

As this jubilee 20th festival - it was involved in 20 stage sites:
Stage areas of our theater, theater of puppets, theater in the forest, GREEN-ZONE, URBAN CAD, temples of the city, palace of young people, stage playgrounds in Nikolaev, street.  Suvorov, and many others.

Theaters from Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Moldova, Portugal, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania and Ukraine took part in this outstanding artistic event.

And also traditionally we invited famous filmmakers, playwrights and writers to the festival.  Among them are Yuri Andrukhovych, Alexander Irvanets, Andriy Kureichik, Alexander Mardan, Ned Nezhdana, and others.

For the first time before the festival was joined by well-known playwrights in Turkey:
Beech Ac
Zehra Ipshiroglu


Main events of the festival: press conference;  Meeting of Directors with the participation of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;  carnival run;  gala concerts (opening, closing), readers of plays, literary meetings, master classes;  autograph session;  exhibitions of theatrical artists Svetlana Leontieva (Kyiv) and Olga Honobolina (Kherson).

At the opening of Melpomene, the theater prepared a grandiose world premiere:
"Kherson" (author Maxim Kurochkin, director Andriy May) - Ukrainian-German project.  Scene on stage.